Ouzinkie, Alaska

Please if anyone can tell us who this is. It was found in a locket of Pauline (Toshwak) Mathis.. In the locket was two pictures, one of I believe her brother, Daniel (Danny) Toshwak and this picture.... Could it be her mother Ana (Annie) Toshwak? We know John and Annie lived in Ouzinkie in the 40's... We are just not sure who the picture is of... And we also do not know what happened to Annie Ellanak Toshwak... Please contact us if you have any information thankyou...

If you think you know, send an email to input_at_ouzinkie.org. (replace "_at_" with "@").

If you have an old photo with people/places you would like identified, and don't mind if people see it, send it to us as an attchment to input_at_ouzinkie.org. (replace "_at_" with "@")

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