Ouzinkie, Alaska
This page takes a look at Ouzinkie, Alaska from a historical point of view. It is by no means complete, and will probably be an ongoing effort to collect pictures and memories from the past.
pre - 1964 earthquake 1964 earthquake kalakala monk's lagoon

The following 7 photos were generously shared by Verna Bennett from Christine Shanagin Kvasnikoff's collection, and by Tim Smith from the Norman L. Smith collection. They show Ouzinkie as it was before the 1964 earthquake.

View of Ouzinkie dock from across the Bay

View of Ouzinkie dock from across the Bay

Mail plane

Ouzinkie as it looked before earthquake

View of Ouzinkie from across the Bay

Another view of Ouzinkie from across the Bay

Ouzinkie looking from OPC
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After 1964 earthquake and tsunami
The following 2 photographs generously shared by Verna Bennet from the Christine Shanagin Kvasnikoff collection, and 4 photographs from the Norman L. Smith collection, generously shared by Tim Smith, show the aftermath of the 1964 earthquake and tsunami.

Most of the buildings that were close to the shoreline were destroyed as the water subsided and rose rapidly. The land sank approximately 5 to 6 feet.

The set of 4 composite photos below is of particular interest, as it shows the subsiding and rising of the water on that unforgettable day.

Ouzinkie harbor after 1964 earthquake and tsunami

Morning after 1964 earthquake and tsunami

Subsiding and rising of the ocean during 1964 tsunami

Cannery and dock destroyed

Composite of destroyed ways

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Kalakala in Ouzinkie, 1970
This picture of the Kalakala, formerly a ferry boat, was taken in 1970, and was salvaged from the November 7, 1970 "Island Times" newspaper issue. It is docked by the cannery in Ouzinkie harbor that was built after the 1964 tsunami.

2 boats that are recognized in the picture are the GPC-22 on the left and the Nyad in the foreground.

The Kalakala arrived at Ouzinkie in the Summer of 1970. It was then used as a crab processor for 5 months.
The Kalakala was then moved to Gibson Cove, Kodiak in November, and on Thanksgiving Day at high tide, was moved to a bed where rock was put around her to hold it in position.
Kalakala and Goose in Ouzinkie, 1970
It was then used to process shrimp.

This second picture was taken from near where the Ouzinkie store is located.

The airplane in the foreground is a "Goose", an amphibious aircraft, which at the time was operated by Kodiak Airways. They flew to other villages around Kodiak Island, including Port Bailey. back to top

Historical Chapel in Monk's Lagoon
This is the historical chapel in Monk's Lagoon as it looked before undergoing some renovation in 2004. It is located on the Eastern end of Spruce Island, a short distance through the forest from the beach.

Shortly after 1794, Saint Herman lived in this area. After his passing in 1836, he was buried here, and later cannonized as a Saint in 1970. back to top