Ouzinkie, Alaska
The Native Village of Ouzinkie environmental program is funded by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Indian General Assistance Program grant.

The hallmark achievement of the environmental programs has been to replace our aged 70k gallon bulk fuel facility, which the Ouzinkie Native Corporation "inherited" from the by-gone salmon and king crab processing era, with four new 20k gallon skid mounted, double-wall tanks (which were fabricated in Alaska).

Much cleanup of rusted metal and other debris remains to be done along our shoreline, and is included in our future work plan. In general our community is a cleaner and healthier place to live because of small accomplishments from the IGAP program. We are also fortunate to sponsor a very energetic AmeriCorps volunteer.

Through the decades, Ouzinkie has managed to keep ahead of the mounting solid waste management amongst other environmental issues. Native Village of Ouzinkie environmental staff has connections with an impressive network of environmental professionals, throughout Alaska and the United States. If you think that we might be able to offer helpful information, or resources, you are welcome to call 907-680-2218.